The New Jersey Association of County Finance Officers was incorporated on December 7, 1992. The membership consists of County Finance Officers in the 21 counties and their staff, associate members that provide a service to the members and education members seeking continuing education units to maintain their certification as Certified County Finance Officers. (CCFO’s)

There are several purposes of the Association as indicated in the incorporation papers:

1) to perpetuate and develop the Association as an agency for cooperation among the counties of the State;

2) after investigation and study, to recommend improvement and efficiencies in the methods of county government;

3) to provide a means for county officials to exchange ideas and expert advice;

4) to collect, compile, and distribute to county officials information about county government and the administration of county affairs;

5) to provide state legislative bodies with accurate and helpful information for the development of sound legislation affecting the counties, to monitor proposed legislation and represent its members at legislative hearings and state agency meetings and assist in the drafting of legislation affecting its members, and to disseminate information on the status of legislative developments of interest to its members;

6) to study legal, governmental and administrative problems affecting state governments; and

7) to do any and all things necessary and proper for the benefit of the counties in the administration of their affairs.

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